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Inauguration of the new lounge and center Pep Gallifa on 30 July 2017

After 30 years we are moving towards innovation, expanding our services for our customers, and we are grateful that thanks to all of us, we can continue moving forward and we welcome all the future customers.

Some of our services are:
Hairdressing we work with all the techniques to have a good image and good quality of hair.
Personal image and company.

Our distinction is the quality, the good service and the trust of all our clients. Thirty years looking forward to the future, without forgetting the present. This new stage, which we inaugurate on July 30, 2017, and which we open the public on the 1st of August. We take into account all ages, starting with the smallest ones, we inaugurate a space where our young clients will receive personalized attention in an interactive and pedagogical space, playing with them while we give them and style their hair and take care of their image with games and with new technologies. And each client receives the cordial treat that we like to have on each visit without forgetting what they like and expect from us and increase the satisfaction.
v We have some extraordinary and very grateful clients. Thank you for being on our side and making us better professionals every day.

Makeup and postage Makeup.
Post office By characterization. TV, Cinema, Theater, Advertising Spots, walkways, events and fairs. Our Post Office is made by hand and with personalized design, we manufacture all kinds of work with hair, wigs, mustaches, beards, of all sizes and whatever is needed. Our team also moves where necessary.

Natural Medicine.
Therapeutic massage.
Chromotherapy.v Beauty rituals and facial and body treatments dermatologically correct.
Rituals hair treatments Art of Hair, all And each of their treatments are inspired by the ritual of the tea ceremony.
Pedigrees Reverence by Bastien.
Traditional and latest generation manicures
Eyebrow design, color and shape.
Gorgeous and relaxing massage for hands,
Leg caviar pail.

We believe in a revolutionary skin care that reveals its own eternal beauty.

Training, advice and organization We believe that the good image is important to communicate all that is transmitted correctly and that is why we also have a team ready to help in the personal and business sector. This training and advice is aimed at every person, group and company that wants to improve the attention of the public, serve customers excellently and improve the image. Directed to, Entrepreneurs, Receptionists, Secretariats, Shopkeepers, Hairdressers, All people who have direct dealing with the public. We also have a team ready to offer good coaching, motivation, guidance and advice. In this section we also have trained professionals, with a great professional career to serve human interior. Training and advice for the general public: personal, collective, corporate image, corporate image, protocol and know-how, decoration tables, events, events, fairs, professional image of the show, wedding planners, personal shopper and changing room.

We take care of all areas of the human being.

Recycling and refining training, aimed at professionals:
Advice and communication, personal image and company.
Makeup and photo hairstyling course PG,
Curse of film, theater, TV, characterization and prosthetics.
Makeup PG course for brides,
PG Make Up Course, footbridge,
Special makeup course special effects,
Spectacle makeup course
Recycling and refinement cutting style and trend PG home
Recycling and perfection of barberia PG
Recycling and refinement. Tall style and trend PG gives women Recycling and refinement Techniques PG drying and finishing new techniques Hairstyle and makeup PG footbridge Course Working on hair by posting PG techniques Advice image company APG
Course customer service APG
APG team motivation course

* Every month Self-made individual or group makeup courses, aimed at all interested persons.
* Each month we will also organize conferences with personal guidance, clothing, communication, personal image

Calle Pare Gallissà nº 1 of Vic

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