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Beauty shows also in your skin. We take special care of your hands and feet with manicure and pedicure cosmetic treatments to bring out the best in your skin and make it glow.


A special date? Adapting colour to your features we bring out and emphasize your personal beauty according to each special event. Just using naturals and bright make-up.


ep Gallifa -  We take care of nails and cuticles making your  hands and feet healthier and better looking with Pep Gallifa basic manicure and pedicure system, eliminating rough skin and calluses through an intensive exfoliation and moistening process. We use natural, and high quality nail lacquers, flexible and resistant. We use special files and appropriate for each treatment.

Révérence de Bastien

We take care of nails and cuticles making your  hands and feet healthier and better looking with the special and exclusive mani-pedi cure system Révérence de Bastien.


We work from your features to make personalised skin treatments that allow a thorough cleanse and oxygenation and obtain a healthy and shiny skin as a result.


Electrolysis for hair removal
– Hair removal with a pulse light device. The treatment is both for men and women, for all kind of hair and can be used in any part of the body.

Cavitation –
Ultimate aesthetic technology, substitute of liposuction, without surgery nor pain. Cavitation wears away excessive fat from specific areas, building up muscle tissue and modelling the body. Evident results from the first session.

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